Our overflowing toy drive bin.

Our First Annual Toy Drive for Brilliant Game Play was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who donated so generously. The team at Brilliant Game Play dropped off a full car’s worth of toys and gifts to the local Salvation Army on December 12th. They were very excited noting that ‘Christmas is their favourite time of year” the one girl said she just loves seeing all the gifts come in. We were happy to see some people donated gifts like pajama sets and hair dryers, teens and adults are often forgot during this time of year. 

I personally despise people saying that Christmas is “just for the kids” it’s for EVERYONE. We’re all children at heart and should behave as such. Our lives get so hectic that we forget the real meaning of Christmas. Firstly, it’s Jesus’s birthday. Secondly, Saint Nicholas was a real man who made toys for girls and boys and dropped them off to their homes on Christmas eve. He spread joy to those around him. We should always remember to extend that meaning to everyone we know. Volunteer somewhere, visit people who are lonely, spread kindness and warmth everywhere you happen to be. The next time you feel like getting irritated during the holiday season when you’re shopping, remember that they are human too and we are ALL equals. 

I personally wish I could see the face of everyone that receives a gift from the Salvation Army, it is my personal hope that it genuinely makes them happier Christmas Morning. So with selfless generosity, love and kindness, PLEASE, make this holiday season and new year a very merry one. 

Life is way to short to not be nice. 

Kelsie 🙂


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